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Universal Learning Design: A View from Conceptual Goals to the Actual Implementation
Prof. Arthur Karshmerp. 9
Universal Learning Design - its Stakeholders and their Interests
p. 10
Hybrid Book, New Perspectives In Synchronized Multimedia Content Publishing
Petr Hladík, Tomáš Gůra, Ing. Svatoslav Ondrap. 12
Enlarged Breadboard Kit for Students with Severe Visual Impairment
Dr. Makoto Kobayaship. 15
Universal Design of Inclusive Learning Environment
Ing.arch. Zuzana Čerešňová, PhD.p. 18
Universal Design of Student Housing
Assoc. Prof. Ing. arch. Lea Rollova, PhD.p. 21
Architectonic Solution of Making Accessible Tertiary Education for Disabled, Campus CTU in Prague - Dejvice
Ing.arch. Jana Zezulováp. 23
We Aim for Accessible Seznam.cz
Irena Zatloukalováp. 25
How to Ensure Accessibility of Study Materials Published at Masaryk University
Mgr. Radek Pavlíčekp. 27
Implementation of Universal Design for Learning Principles for Development of Spatial Visualization Skills of Students
mg.paed. dipl.arch.Inguna Karlsonep. 30
From “Hearing Impairment” to “Deaf-Gain”: A Theoretical Framework for Universal Design for Learning?
Dr. H-Dirksen L. Baumanp. 35
Velotype and Text-on-Top. Real-time Captioning Solutions and Products
Sander Pasveerp. 36
Polygraf - Universal Access to Presentations and Lectures
Christoph Damm, Svatoslav Ondra, Jiří Tužilp. 38
CART in the USA
RDR, CCP, CBC Jennifer Schuckp. 44
Introducing CART to Ireland
Shane Finnertyp. 46
STTR in the Netherlands
Gea Duisterp. 47
Situation and Experience with Transcribers and On-line Speech-to-text Service for Hard of Hearing and Deaf People in Czech Republic
Ing. Zdenek Bumbalek, Ing. Martin Novakp. 48
Between Wictionary and a Thesaurus : Some Dilemmata of a Sign Language Dictionary
dr. Petr Peňázp. 49
Effects of SZKIT in the Designing Software Lecture for Hearing Impaired Students
SUZUKI Takuya, WAKATSUKI Daisuke, KOBAYASHI Makotop. 52
Willingness to Communicate in English as a Foreign Language of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing University Students
Ph.D. Ewa Domagała-Zyśkp. 55
Organising Student Support Using Accessible Electronic Documents, E-books and Audiobooks: an Overview
PhD Jan Engelenp. 61
Accessible Video as a Support for Teaching in Higher Education
Mireia Ribera, Toni Granollers, Marina Salse, Bruno Splendiani, Jordi Coiduras, Xavier Carrera, Miquel Centelles, Victor Gil, Marta Oliva, Montserrat Sendín, Roberto García, Josep Ma Ribó, Rosa Ma Gil, Afra Pascua, Juan Manuel Gimeno, p. 64
Accessibility Issues in Digital Mathematics Libraries
Petr Sojka, Maroš Kucbel, Martin Jarmar, Michal Růžičkap. 67
Math and Lambda: The Experience of Blind Students and their Teachers
Cristian Bernareggip. 68
Mathematical Algorithms and their Modification for Blind Students
Lukáš Másilko, Jiří Peclp. 69
Evaluating Solutions to Process, View and Listen Mathematical Formula within an Accessible Context
Mireia Ribera, Miquel Centelles, Alberto Huélamo, Bruno Splendiani, Marina Salsep. 72
Accessible Dynamic QTI-Questions
Jens Voegler, Gerhard Weberp. 75
Automated Process to Create XML Based Non-Fiction Books from Scratch Making them Accessible for Blind Students on Devices like Tablets
Matthias Leopold, Patrick Temmesfeldp. 78
Dyslexia friendly tertiary education
Dr. Kate Saundersp. 83
Information on Accessibility and Assistive Technologies - The eAccess+ and ETNA Projects Fostering Inclusion for People with Disabilities
Andrea Petz, Klaus Miesenbergerp. 84
A Case Study of Applying Card-sorting as an Initial Step in the Design of the LITERACY - Portal for People with Dyslexia
PhDr. Kamila Balharová, Prof. Dipl.-ing. Dr. Renate Motschnig, Mag. Dominik Hagelkruys, Mgr. Ján Struhárp. 86
Introduction of Czech Assessment Battery for Students with Dyslexia in Tertiary Education
Lenka Krejčováp. 87
Braille Mathematics and Music: Advanced Technologies for Education
Giuseppe Nicotra, Josef Baker, Cristian Bernareggi, Giovanni Bertonip. 91
Technological Innovations in Sign Language Publishing
MA Melissa Malzkuhnp. 93
Card-sorting as an initial step in the design of the LITERACY - portal for people with dyslexia
PhDr. Kamila Balharová, Prof. Dipl.-ing. Dr. Renate Motschnig, University of Vienna, Mag. Dominik Hagelkruys, University of Vienna, Mgr. Ján Struhár, University of Viennap. 94
Practical Aspects of Seznam.cz Accessibility
Lukáš Marvanp. 95
How HTML5 and WAI-ARIA Can Improve Virtual Space of Universities - Practical Examples
Mgr. Radek Pavlíčekp. 96
Producing Structured Documents for Blind People
Matthias Leopold, Patrick Temmesfeldp. 98
Seminar on innovation of the Czech assessment battery for students with dyslexia (Czech language only) 1/2
p. 99
Seminar on innovation of the Czech assessment battery for students with dyslexia (Czech language only) 2/2
p. 99
A panel discussion on interpreting services at universities 1/2
(Tlumočení pro sluchově postižené na vysokých školách 1/2)
p. 100
A panel discussion on interpreting services at universities 2/2
(Tlumočení pro sluchově postižené na vysokých školách 2/2)
p. 100