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Card-sorting as an initial step in the design of the LITERACY - portal for people with dyslexia

PhDr. Kamila Balharová

Prof. Dipl.-ing. Dr. Renate Motschnig, University of Vienna

Mag. Dominik Hagelkruys, University of Vienna

Mgr. Ján Struhár, University of Vienna


There is an increasing awareness of the fact that early user involvement in the development of web-based applications is a key success factor. The human-centered design process suggests a number of useful interventions that guide the process of including users. One of them is the card-sorting technique.

Participants of our workshop will get briefly acquainted with the EU-Project LITERACY and the process of human-centered design. Then the card-sorting technique will be explained and the participants will try it themselves in the role of an education professional, thus contributing significantly to the design process in the project. A block of questions, discussion and feedback collection will close the workshop. All parts of the workshop will be done in a participant-centered and interactive way.

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