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“Guidelined” and “Principled” Web Content Accessibility - What It Means in Practice of Universities

Ing. Svatoslav Ondra
Teiresias Centre, Masaryk University


This paper reflects the most inflected web content accessibility standards (primarily WCAG 2.0) in the practise of environment of tertiary education. The paper contrasts universality of accessibility guidelines and principles to the state-of-art of educational environment experiencing large variety of types of educational study materials, its structures, forms, complexity and variety of technical settings for publishing and distributing them. Moreover, the current tendency of educational environment that study materials no longer dominate in printed form published with standard procedures and manners but they are electronically issued and distributed to students, paradoxically does not cause immediately higher accessibility of documents for students with disabilities. These problematic aspects of digital content of educational environment are analyzed, and demonstrated on real examples emerged in practise of Masaryk University. The last part of the paper presents particular and practical means of non-trivial interventions/accommodations realized by Masaryk University to make study materials and environment more accessible which we can generally consider as applying the general web content accessibility guidelines.

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