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A Wireless System for Real-Time Distribution of Visually Accessible Synchronous Transcription (Speech-to-Text Reporting) Targeted to Larger Group of Users with Hearing Impairment in Environment of (Not Only) Tertiary Education

Bc. Jiří Tužil
Teiresias Centre, Masaryk University


Masaryk University provides supporting services for approx. 100 students with severe hearing disabilities. One of the means of the provided services is a visually accessible synchronous transcription (speech-to-text reporting) of spoken language. Increasing number of students utilizing this service has created situations when a larger group of students has to follow the same educational event, hence to follow the same source of transcription.
A transitory solution applied at Masaryk University in the past was based on a multiplication of a display of a speech-reporter’s computer, which did not meet requirements and expectations of either students or speech-reporters.
To enhance the method of providing this service, Masaryk University has developed its own system for real-time and wireless distribution of synchronous transcription named Polygraf that is presented with this paper. In the system, the speech transcript typed by a speech-reporter on his/her computer is continuously transmitted to and displayed on any number of handheld displays which are used by those who has to follow the transcript. Transmission of the data between a computer of the speech-reporter and handheld displays takes place within a closed wireless network provided by any portable access point independently on local technical conditions. Additionally, the system allows the transcript view customization on side of the handheld device user, and features supplementary text messaging between users and a speech-reporter.

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