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Multimedia Dictionary of Terms for Drama Education, Czech – Czech Sign Language

Mgr. et BcA., DiS. Radka Kulichová
Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Art, Brno

MgA. Robert Milič
Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Art, Brno


Department of Drama Education for the Deaf was founded in 1992 and was the first degree course for deaf students in the Czech Republic. In June 2009, the project Study Programme Innovation of the Drama in Education for the Deaf Department in the Faculty of Theatre JAMU started. Some subjects are being innovated thanks to this project and there was also a brand new subject created – Sport-Movement Games. Sign language course is being lectured by deaf teachers from the partner organization Trojrozměr. They provide students with theoretical knowledge of the sign language and the Deaf culture and also give them practical sign language lessons. Furthermore, innovations and work experience placements are being made thanks to the project. The project partners that can offer students valuable practical experiences are also involved in these activities.
One of the partial aims is also the Systematization of the terminology of drama education in the Czech sign language. The sign language tutors and specially the partner of the project – the Czech Chamber of Sign Language Interpreters take part in this activity. The aim of the systematization of the terminology is to enrich the sign vocabulary and to clearly define the technical terms of drama education. The dictionary contains about 400 terms from the drama education that are presented in Czech language and Czech sign language. The dictionary contains also commentaries written in Czech explaining each term. For each term, there is also a contextual sentence in Czech sign language. It will help students to understand the content of the term and they can also see an example of an adequate use of the term.
This multimedia dictionary will be used mainly by the students of the Drama Education for the Deaf study programme during their studies and they will use the correct terminology in schools later during their practice.
This project is cofinanced by the European Social Fund and from the Czech Republic state budget.

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