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Diagnostics and Counselling for University Students with Dyslexia, Especially Students of Humanities

PhDr., Ph.D. Lenka Krejčová
Charles University, Prague


The paper is based on practical work with university students with dyslexia which is carried out in the Faculty of Arts (Charles University, Prague) and in an NGO specialized in people with dyslexia.

First part of the paper focuses on various assessment approaches. It introduces an online screening questionnaire for adults which has been created in cooperation with British colleagues and has been currently adapted to Czech population. The paper further mentions assessment methods which are used in several foreign countries and appear noteworthy in our work. Since there is only one standardized Czech assessment battery for adults with dyslexia, we feel urgent need to broaden assessment devices suitable to adults with dyslexia.

Second part o the paper presents counselling work most frequently required in arts-oriented university. It particularly emphasizes modifications which are used in the course of foreign languages learning. Finally, the paper shows how IT can help students with dyslexia during their university study.

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