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The Hybrid Book - One Document for All

Petr Hladík
Masaryk University, Teiresias Centre

Tomáš Gůra
Masaryk University, Teiresias Centre


There are many ways to perceive desired information from a source that cannot be reached directly due to a type of a user's disability. There are lots of adaptive technologies solving these situations. These technologies are often targeted to a specific group of users, for example visually impaired users. As the number of such user groups grows, the number of adapted versions of the original source equally increases and their management becomes demanding.

The Hybrid book brings a solution for various groups of users in one electronic document. It combines a textual record for viewing and reading by touch via Braille display, an audio record to capture information by hearing, and a video recording of the text translated to a sign language. All these recordings are synchronized and may be simultaneously played and navigated by intuitive navigation functions. A Hybrid book document can contain a variety of record types and a number of recordings of any specific type. Hybrid book documents are primarily intended to be viewed on-line on the World Wide Web.

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