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Universal Learning Design: A View from Conceptual Goals to the Actual Implementation

Prof. Arthur Karshmer

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Universal Learning design embraces a number of guidelines for producing educational material that can be enjoyed by all. The design principles do not point to a concept of one solution for all, but rather solutions that can be used by  various groups of learners using common tools that can be adjusted to serve a large and disparate community of learners with special needs. In this talk, some of the key concepts of ULD discussed and then design as a foundation for the development of a tool for the blind. In the remainder of the talk the key elements of the learning tool will be discussed in light of the ULD guidelines. During the discussion of the actual tool, the audience will be encouraged to make formal notes on their assessment of the task. At the end of the talk, audience participants will be free to make salient comments.


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A PDF of presentation is available. Please download the 14.8 MB large file here.

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