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Paris 2014

The series of the conference Universal Learning Design in Brno and its inclusion into the last ICCHP conference in Linz successfully brought attention of researchers and developers of technologies providing for people’s special needs towards inclusive education. Hence, the cooperation between the ULD conference and the International Conference on Computer Helping People (ICCHP), the biggest forum in Europe for presenting assistive technologies, would continue on the occasion of the next ICCHP in Paris.

The 4th conference Universal Learning Design was held on 9–11 July 2014, as a part of the 14th ICCHP conference as one of its special tracks. The team from Masaryk University was responsible for technical solutions and organization of the ULD 2014 conference at Université Paris 8 St.–Denis in France.

If you wish to give a paper at the ULD conference, you can apply contributions by submitting them using the ICCHP Conference Tool and selecting ULD as the contribution category. Your contribution will be reviewed by the ICCHP and ULD committee. Camera ready versions of full papers (max. 8 pages) and short papers (max. 4 pages) of the accepted papers focusing computer science and research will be published within Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Contributions that aim at sharing good practice, presenting teaching methods etc. will be assessed independently and published in separate proceedings of the ULD conference, as was the case with ULD publications in past years.