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Collection of presentation
Graphical agenda
Agenda in text form

Opening ceremony with Keynote of Kevin Carey
Kevin Careyp. 9
SignLEF: Sign Language European Frame
Simone Greiner-Ogrisp. 21
Specifics of the Specialized Science and Medical Programs Terminology Development in the Czech Sign Language - Pruša, Tomáš
Tomáš Pruša, Dana Peňázová, Dagmar Kovaříková, Milan Urík, Pavel Hurníkp. 25
A Virtual Character based Italian Sign Language Dictionary - Ahmad, Nadeem
Nadeem Ahmad, Davide Barberis, Nicola Garazzino, Paolo Prinetto, Umar Shoaib, Gabriele Tiottop. 28
Towards a Visual Speech Learning System for the Deaf by Matching Dynamic Lip Shapes - Tian, Yingli
Shizhi Chen, D. Michael Quintian, YingLi Tianp. 33
Teaching Support Software for Hearing Impaired Students who Study Computer Operation - Synchronized Key points Indication Tool: SZKIT- - Kobayashi, Makoto
Makoto Kobayashi, Takuya Suzuki, Daisuke Wakatsukip. 43
Deaf university students as foreign language learners in mainstream settings - Domagala-Zysk, Ewa
Ewa Domagała-Zyśkp. 48
Early Language Development of the Deaf and Its Relation to Foreign Language Learning - Foniokova, Zuzana
Jitka Sedláčková, Zuzana Foniokováp. 54
Preliminary Survey on the Present Issues Regarding Cinema Subtitle for Hearing-impaired People in Japan and Future Possibilities - Nakajima, Sawako
Sawako Nakajima, Kazutaka Mitobe, Masafumi Suzuki, Noboru Yoshimura, Tetsujiro Yamagami2p. 58
Integrated and Innovative Solutions to support Deaf Students during Class Attendance - Tedesco, Roberto
Licia Sbattella, Roberto Tedescop. 61
BiBiKit - A Bilingual Bimodal Reading and Writing Tool for Sign Language Users - Gnerlich, Manuel
Manuel Gnerlichp. 67
The Hybrid Book - One Document for All in the Latest Development - Hladik, Petr
Petr Hladík, Tomáš Gůrap. 70
Providing Digital Resources to Enhance Employability Skills for Disabled Students - Featherstone, Lisa
Lisa Featherstonep. 73
On Producing Accessible Course Material - Engelen, Jan
Jan Engelen, Christophe Strobbe, Bert Freesp. 79
LaTeX Based Notation as Computer Math Notation for Blind - Jenčič, Mateja
Mateja Jenčičp. 85
Screenreader accessible footnotes in PDF documents – between high flying standards and grounded features of available assistive technologies - Erle, Markus
Samuel Hofer, Markus Erlep. 87
Tactile Images for Inclusive Teaching in Nature and Science - in 't Veld, Dorine
Dorine in ‘t Veldp. 89
Vision Interaction Software for the Blind - Onishi, Junji
Junji Onishi, Tsukasa Onop. 91
Tactile Applications in Development of the Multimodal Learning Environment for the Blind Students with and without Learning Disabilities - Landra, Tereza
Terēza Landrap. 94
Haptic geometric experiences for blind children - Ughi, Emanuela
Emanuela Ughip. 98
Development of a Tactile Star Chart Automated Creation System - Taguchi, Hiroki
Hiroki Taguchi, Toshimitsu Yamaguchip. 100
An interdisciplinary approach to alternative representations for images - Splendiani, Bruno
Bruno Splendiani, Mireia Ribera, Roberto García, Marina Salsep. 103
Communicative Images – New Approach to Accessibility of Graphics - Plhak, Jaromir
Ivan Kopeček, Radek Ošlejšekp. 106
Guidelines for Developing e-Learning System for Visually Impaired - Perisa, Marko
Dragan Perakovic, Vladimir Remenar, Marko Perisap. 115
Voice technologies have a power to eliminate physical disabilities - Sedláček, Ondřej (Polovina Nebe)
Ondřej Sedláček, Hanns Wilkenhoener, Daniela Rázková, Jan Uhlířp. 117
A Guide System for the People with Handicap at Public Facilities in Normal and Emergent Situation: A Case Study at Kagoshima City Aquarium - Kimura, Tsutomu
Kazuyuki Kandap. 120
e-Learning Services for Persons with Disabilities on a Web- Accessibility E-learning Platform in Taiwan - Yeh, Yao-ming
Yao-Ming Yehp. 123
Measuring real accessibility - Pavlíček, Radek
Radek Pavlíček, Roman Kabelkap. 130
Teaching languages accessibly using an open source web-based tool - Dickinson, Anne
Anne Dickinson, Rosario Kane-Iturriozp. 133
The Use of Personas in the Design of an Arabic Auditory Training System for Children - Al-Wabil, Areej
Areej Al-Wabil, Sarah Drine, Sara Alkoblan, Arwa Alamoudi, Modhi Almozaini, Rawan Al-Abdulrahmanp. 136
Can Audio-Haptic Games form a playful and effective learning gateway for students with Visual Impairment? - Petridou, Maria
Maria Petridou, Peter Blanchfield, Reham Alabbadip. 139
Approaches to Creating E-learning Educational Tools Reflecting the Students with Special Needs - Klement, Milan
Milan Klement, Hana Marešová, Jiří Langerp. 141
Multiuser Virtual Environments and People With Special Needs - Maresova, Hana
Hana Marešová, Milan Klementp. 147
Dealing with Changes in Supporting Students with Disabilities in Higher Education - Petz, Andrea
Andrea Petz, Klaus Miesenbergerp. 152
Developing effective teaching strategies and course websites for the diverse needs of postsecondary students through the use of Univesral Instructional Design - Irene Carter
Irene Carterp. 160