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STTR in the Netherlands

Gea Duister



My name is Gea Duister, I am a working STTR since 2007 in the Netherlands.

I will tell you about the situation of STTR from the start in 2000 until today. How the education is formed, in those days of the pilot until today the Associated Degree.

We work in the Netherlands as freelancers and that means we either need mediation or get our own network. How that is done, I will show in a short summary from mediation office until the contracts we need for the payments. 

In 2001 the Sign-interpreters started a register for their CPD. Because also STTR felt that Continued Professional Development would increase their skills and knowledge they joined in 2005 this register. I will explain the different sectors how the STTR will show their professional growth.

Figures on the amount of STTR-users and the amount of money involved will be shown in flow charts.

In the Netherlands there is an association of STTR. It started in 2009 and shortly I will tell of all the tasks we had and the way we plan for the future of our job.

Of course STTR do have equipment to do their jobs, Veyboard and Velotype will be introduced to you.

For the Netherlands online interpreting for both STTR and Sign interpreters is a new working field. In September 2012 a pilot started to figure out what criteria must be followed to have successful online sessions. 

Last august 2012 there was in the Netherlands the first meeting of European STTRs. This meeting was the start of an European organisation which will be a great way of sharing knowledge of our profession.

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