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Situation and Experience with Transcribers and On-line Speech-to-text Service for Hard of Hearing and Deaf People in Czech Republic

Ing. Zdenek Bumbalek

Ing. Martin Novak


The article deals with history of simultaneous transcription for deaf and hard of hearing people in the Czech Republic. Simultaneous  transcription with physically present transcribers is offered as a social service by Czech Union of the Deaf (CUD)., Online version of transcription is provided by a new social company Transkript online s.r.o. as social service in sphere of commercial institutions. Transcription services in educational domain is represented especially by  Teiresias Centre of Masaryk University.. Transcription services have a huge potential to increase quality of life of hearing impaired people. Expansion of these services require education of transcribers and development of online tools for transcription services which reduce costs, increase quality of service and cover much wider areas, than physically present transcribers.  .

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