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12. července 2018

  1. Harald Weber: Increasing Inclusive Capacity of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Organizations with Digital Media (Full Paper)
  2. Nataliya Tagiltseva: Application of Smart Technologies in Music Education for Children with Disabilities (Short Paper)
  3. Irina Gorbunova: Music Computer Technologies as a Means of Teaching the Musical Art for Visually Impaired People (Presentation Only)
  4. Khouloud Ben Cheikh: BrEye: An Android Mobile Application to Teach Arabic and French Braille Alphabets to Blind Children in Tunisia (Full Paper)
  5. Nataliya Tagiltseva: Information Technologies in Teaching Pop Vocals of Teenagers with Disabilities in Motion (Short Paper)
  6. Jeffrey Devries : Levumi: A Web-Based Curriculum-Based Measurement to Monitor Learning Progress in Inclusive Classrooms (Full Paper)
  7. Yasmin Patzer: Mobile Online Courses for the Illiterate: The eVideo Approach (Short Paper)
  8. Naoki Komiya: “Let’s Play Catch Together”: Full-Body Interaction to Encourage Collaboration Among Hearing-Impaired Children (Short Paper)

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