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Paper Submission

Submission process:

  1. If you wish to present a paper at the ULD conference, please submit your abstract on February 1, 2018, at the latest. Before submitting your contribution you need to register at the ICCHP conference website. You can find the abstract submission form here.
  2. All the abstracts submitted for the conference will be assessed by the Editorial Board; each proposal will be peer-reviewed by at least 2 reviewers. The Editorial Board will not only accept or reject papers, they will also set the required length (short – max. 10 minutes and 4 pages of full paper; long – max. 20 minutes or 8 pages).
  3. Applicants will be notified of the acceptance of their proposal by February 28, 2018. Authors will be expected to submit full papers by April 1, 2018 sending them via e-mail to (please include source files and the final document in PDF format).
  4. Accepted papers will be published in the ULD conference proceedings (Proceedings of the Conference Universal Learning Design, ISSN 1805-3947). The printed proceedings will be distributed upon registration at the venue; the soft copy will be available at the ULD website.

Instructions for preparing contributions:

  1. Abstracts:
    • need to contain:
      • short description of the main idea
      • the state of the art in this area (other projects, publications, etc.)
      • the methodology used
      • practical impact or contributions to the field
      • conclusion and outlook
    • length: 2 –4 pages (A4)
    • font size: 12pt, line spacing: 1–1,15
  2. Full papers (camera-ready versions):
    • the length depends on the type of contribution: The maximum length is 4 pages (10 minutes) for short papers and 8 pages (20 minutes) for full papers (A4 paper size).
    • it is preferred to apply the MS Word (2003 and later), LibreOffice/OpenOffice, TeX templates – you can download them here.
    • please cite according to the norm ISO 690
    • images: min. 300 dpi, to be submitted in individual attachments (EPS, TIFT, JPEG, JPEG, etc.). Please note that the proceedings will be published in black and white, so all the graphics used must be readable in black and white.