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Accessibility Services

We take it for granted that a conference focusing primarily on the topic of universal learning design should also meet accessibility criteria when it is actually taking place. In our view, it is fundamental to offer an opportunity to choose from alternative means of communication and conveying information with regards to needs based on communicative or perceptive specifics, as well as to provide barrier free venue for mobility impaired participants. Below, there is a list of basic services and arrangements provided at the conference for these reasons.

  • simultaneous sign language interpreting
    Interpreting service will be available at the conference room enabling communication between the users of English and International Sign System in order to bridge the communication between the Deaf and hearing.
  • simultaneous speech-to-text reporting
    The speech-to-text reporting service (in English) will be available at the conference room for the entire duration of the ULD conference. Participants will be able to follow the transcription on large-screen displays, or individually on mobile devices, which can also be borrowed. The Polygraf system will be employed to visualize the real-time transcription of speech on screens and user devices (such as mobiles, tablets).
  • displaying the presented imagery on mobile devices
    Participants who cannot follow the presented material on the projecting screen can watch it on their mobile devices which will simultaneously display the projected screen (also by means of the Polygraf system).
  • individual amplification options (alternatively with an induction loop)
    Another means of making speech accessible offered to participants with hearing impairments is FM system. The receiving part of the set can be borrowed during the conference sessions (alternatively with an induction loop).
  • written materials in their electronic and tactile alternative or in large-print
    Written information will be alternatively available also electronically, and partially also in Braille or in large print according to individual requirements regarding the font format.
  • spatial orientation system at the conference rooms for participants with visual impairments
  • barrier-free conference venue

In addition to the above mentioned arrangements, it will be possible to benefit from the following technical services:

  • printing service
    Laser printers and copy machines, technologies for the production of tactile prints and tactile graphics (by means of a thermal Zy-Fuse printer or a SpotDot braille embosser) will be available. The tactile printing service, including tactile graphics will be provided by staff on the spot.
  • free Wi-Fi available